What To See

Flying Displays

With over 130 birds of 60 different species, there’s always something different to see. Flying displays take place daily, where, in a close environment, you can learn about how the different species hunt and catch their prey and the skill sets they possess to make them successful predators. No two displays are the same and your admission allows you to stay for as many as you wish.

The Aviaries

Between the displays you can take a leisurely wander around our breeding aviaries, some of which may be successfully breeding in front of you. Cotswold Falconry Centre is also home to some birds that are Critically Endangered in the wild and will give you an insight into their secret lives and their plight in the wild. We also have CCTV on many of the nest sites allowing you an even closer view of what is happening.

Native Birds

Not only will you see our own birds of prey flying, with the beautiful north Cotswold countryside being home to a variety of native raptors. Common Buzzards, Sparrowhawks, Common Kestrels, Peregrine Falcons and Red Kites can often all be seen during a day’s displays. In the summer the Hobby is also regularly seen. We also have wild Barn Owls that roost and most years nest here at the Centre.

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