Gymnogene or African Harrier Hawk

Polyboroides typus

Found widely through a range of African habitats the Harrier-Hawk has unusual double-jointed legs. This allows it easier access into nests and crevices to discover hidden food items. We have recently introduced a young male to our female and are hoping for success.

Red Kite

Milvus milvus

An increasingly familiar sight in the UK after recovery and reintroduction after a long history of man-made decline. This large fork-tailed bird drifts over woodland and open countryside looking for small animals to hunt and carrion to scavenge.

Yellow-billed Kite

Milvus aegyptius

These buoyant, close relations to the Black Kite can be found through most of Africa. In our displays they demonstrate a range of hunting techniques and their effortless ability to soar and glide in search of opportunities.

Black Kite

Milvus migrans

This adaptable hunter and scavenger is one of the most numerous of all birds of prey. Being found in a wide range of habitats from Western Europe to Australia especially in close connection with man. Large urban populations can be seen in many Asian countries.

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