Lulu and Saus Pairing Up

As the season is slowly winding down, we are thinking about putting birds in aviaries over the winter, particulary those who may start to breed. We are hoping that Lulu, our 11 year old female Chilean Eagle, will pair up with Saus, our 4 year old male, now that he is becoming an adult. This season they have been getting on very well, sitting next to each other on the weathering and flying together on display. They have now been put into an aviary together, and we are very hopeful that they will breed.

New Male Bateleur Eagle Arrives

Our female Bateleur Eagle has got a new mate, who arrived at the centre in the middle of September from our friends at the International Centre for Birds of Prey. The 10 year old has replaced her old mate, who sadly passed away last year at the age of 43, after successfully fathering 12 chicks in total, including our display bird, Guy. The new male has already started building a nest, so we are hoping this new pair will also succefully breed. Bateleur Eagles are a near threatened species in the wild, with populations outside of protected areas declining dramatically.

Pairing up our Black Vultures

In September, we said farewell to Houston, one of our female Black Vultures. After flying at the centre for a number of years, she went to become part of a breeding pair. She was swapped for a male, who has been introduced to Dallas, our remaining female, with the hope that they will also become a future breeding pair. 

New Species Breed at CFC!

2017 has been a successful breeding year for a number of species, but a centre first, and quite possibly a UK first, was the fledging of our Mountain caracara, 'Ted'.

Max the Saker Falcon Arrives

Max, the Saker Falcon was bred by friends of ours and arrived at the centre in August. He is a juvenile falcon, currently being trained by Kellie and can now be seen flying in one of the daily flying displays. Saker Falcons are classed as an endangered species, mainly due to habitat loss and the illegal catching of wild birds for the trade on the black market.

Indy the Lugger Falcon Arrives

Indy, the Lugger Falcon was bred by friends of ours and arrived at the centre in July. She is a young bird who is currently being trained by Chris, and is now making regular appearences in one of our daily displays. Found in open woodlands throughout India and Pakistan, the Lugger falcon is considered to be a near threatened species. Populations have rapidly declined in recent years due to the use of pesticides and being used as decoys to trap larger falcons.

Hatching Time at CFC!

Bird numbers are increasing at the centre on a daily basis at the moment, as several eggs are now starting to hatch. The Common Buzzards and Ferruginous Hawks have hatched, as well as several species of owl, including the Barred Owl, which we photographed as it was having an identification ring put on it's leg.

Hand-Rearing a Brown Wood Owl

Most of the chicks here at the centre are raised by their parents, with little or no help from us. However, the Brown Wood Owl chick is being hand reared. This is because it's parents are being foster parents to wild Tawny Owl chicks. Members of the public often find tawny owl chicks on the ground and pick them up and bring them to wildlife centres. Most of the time the chicks would be fine where they are, as they can hop up through the branches and mum and dad will be close by, but some may be in more danger, close to busy roads etc. We would like these chicks to eventually be soft-released back into the wild, so to prevent them imprinting on us, we allow foster parents to raise them. The hand reared Brown Wood Owl will then be able to join another collection as a display owl.

CFC Supporting the RAF Falcons

Recently, Kellie took two falcons to RAF Brize Norton, to support the RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team on their launch day. This was their first public parachute display to start the 2017 season and they invited local schools to watch. Unfortunately, the windy conditions meant that they were unable to jump, but children were able to hold the falcons and watch as the C17 aircraft flew past.   

First Chicks of 2017

Two Crested Caracara chicks have hatched at the centre, beginning the successful hatching period in this years breeding season. Their parents are doing an excellent job rearing them and they are now big enough to be ringed (pictured). They will hopefully be joining our flying team once they are fully fledged.

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