Critically endangered Vulture hatches

The Hooded Vultures have got our first chick of the year in early. Hatching out on the 4th January the chick will hopefully become the fifth to be successfully reared here by the parents. Recent studies have confirmed a rapidly declining population and suggest a very negative outlook for many species of vultures in the wild. It is in many sad to report this chick as the first Critically Endangered bird to have hatched at Cotswold Falconry.

Kellie goes to South Africa to help Vultures

Kellie has spent the last 2 weeks in South Africa assisting the Endangered Wildlife Trust and McGregor Museum in the ringing and tagging of Critically Endangered White-backed Vulture chicks. This is an annual project organised by the Hawk Conservancy Trust alongside Gauntlet Conservation Trust and Puy du Fou. It is vital to monitor a species that has declined so rapidly in the last 30 years. She also had a trip to Vulpro to see the amazing work they are doing with the Cape Vultures.

Mick joins the team

Having hatched here earlier in the year Mick, a White Faced Owl, is now part of our display team.

Further breeding success

Over the spring and summer a lot of our birds have been successfully rearing their young. Here are the 3 Red Footed Falcon chicks and their Dad.

10 day old Common Buzzards

These 10 day old Common Buzzards are being reared by their parents here at the centre. Expect more chick photos over the coming weeks as we start to put closed id rings on various recent hatchings.

Roz & the RAF Falcons

Roz was away from the centre yesterday. She was keeping a close eye on the RAF Falcons impressive display during their 2016 Launch Day.

Western Screech Owls

Here's our Western Screech Owls at about 2 weeks old. Only another few weeks and they'll be looking like their parents!

Welcome Kellie and Gwen to the Centre

Kellie joins us becoming our new manager. A couple of her birds will also be joining the team including Kaiser an African Spotted Owl.

Gwen returns from the Netherlands having previously done her college placement here with us a couple of years ago.

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